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Ask the Librarian

Q. How do I find online scholarly articles?

Scholarly articles contain information that has been vetted by experts in a particular field. You may find links to relevant sources of articles you are interested from the University’s Website Library Page.

Q. Can I access online journals from off-campus?

Yeah! Off-campus access to online journals is possible. However, you will have to register with the respective publishers of the journals to enjoy this service. Though you can register from anywhere; however, it is advisable to do so through the University’s networks and remember to select Maseno University as the hosting institution.

Q. Will I be able to enjoy the same level of access off-campus as I would on-campus?

The answer is yes and no! Yes because you will continue to search and download e-resources from the very sources that are accessible on-campus, and at your own convenience. No, because some publishers put a caveat on the number of, say, journals that a client can download per month. But, how many people can read more than say 6 different journal articles within one month? 

Q. How do I renew my library items?

You can renew your items in person by bringing your Student ID card to the circulation desk at any branch of the Library. Note that, currently, the Library does not provide self-renewals.

Q. How can I get the full text of material when I only have the citation?

Enter the citation into the OPAC Search, to see whether the Library has a print copy of the item in which the citied information you are seeking is contained.

If the material is not available in a print copy in the Library, you can extend your search to online sources using OPAC. From More Searches option, select an online source and do a keyword or phrasal search. The chances are that you will be redirected to a source containing the information you are looking for.

Q. Can I return borrowed items to any library rather than from which I was issued?

No! The Library encourages users to return the items they borrowed to the Library where the items had been issued.

Note: The information provided here is neither adequate nor exhaustive for the practical purpose of assisting our users to fully understand how to effectively exploit the resources and services the Library provides. It should only be used as a basic guide to give answers to library users on the most obvious and common queries. Further queries on the use of the Library and access to information resources can be directed to the library staff at any branch or to the University Librarian.