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Vision, Mission & Core Values

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Library Vision, Mission and Objectives

The core function of the library is to support the academic teaching, learning, research and outreach programmes of the University through provision of information in both print and electronic formats. This mandate is guided by the Vision, Mission, Objectives and Core Values thatdrive the library staff towards serving the user community.


*    Library strives to be a centre of excellence in the management of information resources in print and electronic formats, and in the provision of library and information services.


*    To drive excellence in the life-long learning, teaching and research endeavours of the University, through acquisition, management and dissemination of information.


i. To provide information in both print and electronic formats.

ii. To conserve and preserve library material for sustainable use.

iii. To enhance IT use in all library operations, tasks and activities.

iv. To ensure efficient use available space by the users and library staff.

v. To foster life-long learning and knowledge acquisition skills among the users.

vi. To respond to emerging user needs in the most effective and efficient manner.

Core Values

The library work philosophy is anchored on its core values which also inspire the staff to make good work decisions and to provide outstanding library services.

*   i. Professionalism: a personal commitment to continuous improvement and professional growth.

*    Integrity: model ethical behaviour by doing the right thing always.

*    Innovation: driven by continuous improvement and urge to find new ways to make things better.

*    Teamwork: sharing the common goals and holding each and every individual accountable.


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